Stansted Bowling Club

Stansted Bowls Fixtures 2023


DayDateEventHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame TypeResult
Sat29Green OpensH4 Mixed Rinks14:30GreysClub Comp


DayDateFixtureHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame TypeResult
Tues02QuendonA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Weds03SawbridgeworthA2 Ladies Triples14:00GreyLadies FriendlyWON: 31-27
Weds03Stansted BH3 Triples18:15GreyNWEBA LeagueLOST: 70-33
Weds03Stansted AA3 Triples18:15
GreyNWEBA LeagueWON: 70-33
Tues09Saffron WaldenA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Weds10Elsenham CH3 Triples (B)18.15GreyNWEBA leagueWON: 74-24
Fri12WareA1 Rink14.30GreyLadies Fri LgeDRAW: 14-14
Weds17EppingA2 Ladies Triples14.00GreyLadies FriendlyLOST: 43-20
Weds17Elsenham CA3 Triples (A)18.15GreyNWEBALOST: 63-41
Weds17Dunmow BH3 Triples (B)18.15GreyNWEBAWON: 61-25
Thurs18SawbridgeworthA3 Triples14.30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri19ElsenhamH1 Rink14.30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sun21Havers ParkH4 Mix Triples14.30GreyKENT CUPWON: 42-31
Weds24Dunmow BA3 Triples (B)18.15GreyNWEBA
Thurs25ClaveringA2 Triples14.00GreyLadies Friendly
Thurs25EppingH3 Triples14.30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri26Much HadhamA1 Rink14.30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Tues30ElsenhamA3 Triples14.30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Weds31DunmowA2 Ladies Triples14.00GreyLadies Friendly


DayDateFixtureHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame Type
Fri02WareH1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sat03Bishops StortfordA4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyCooper Cup
Tues06ThaxtedA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Weds07Much HadhamH2 Triples14:00GreyLadies friendly
Weds07StanstedH3 Triples (A)18:15
GreyNWEBA League
Weds07Stansted A3 Triples (B)18:15GretNWEBA League
Sat10ClaveringH3 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Thurs15Hertford CastleA2 Triples14:00GreyLadies friendly
Thurs15Bishops StortfordH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri16Much HadhamH1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sat17QuendonH4 Mix Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Mon19Bishops StortfordA2 Triples14:30GreyLadies friendly
Tues20Havers ParkA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Weds21Stebbing BA3 Triples (A)18:15GreyNWEBA
Fri23SawbridgeworthA1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sat24Free WeekendGrey
Sun25Free WeekendGrey
Weds28Dunmow BH3 Triples (A)18:15GreyNWEBA
Weds28Stebbing BA3 Triples (B)18:15GreyNWEBA
Thurs29Much HadhamH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri30Bishops StortfordA1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge


DayDateFixtureHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame Type
Sun02Havers ParkA4 Mix Triples14:30GreyKent Cup
Weds05Dunmow BA3 Triples (A)18:15GreyNWEBA
Weds05Elsenham CA3 Triples (B)18:15GreyNWEBA
Thurs06QuendonH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Sun09ThaxtedH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Mon10Bishop StortfordH3 Mens Triples18:00GreyMayhew Cup
Weds12SawbridgeworthH2 Triples14:00GreyLadies friendly
Weds12Stebbing BH3 Triples (A)18:15GreyNWEBA
Thurs13Saffron WaldenH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri14SawbridgeworthH1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sat15StebbingH3 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Mon17BraintreePOTTERS ROADSHOW12 to 7pm
Thurs20SawbridgeworthH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri21Bishops StortfordH1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sat22SawbridgeworthA4 Mixed Triples14:00GreyFriendly
Weds26Elsenham CH3 Triples (A)18:15GreyNWEBA
Thurs27ClaveringH2 Triples14:00GreyLadies Friendly
Thurs27EppingA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Fri28ElsenhamA1 Rink14:30GreyLadies Fri Lge
Sun30GriffinH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly


DayDateFixtureHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame Type
Thurs03ThaxtedA2 Triples14:00GreyLadies Friendly
Thurs03ElsenhamH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Sun06ElsenhamH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Weds09Stebbing BH3 Triples (B)18:00GreyNWEBA
Thurs10ThaxtedH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Sat12DunmowH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly
Mon14Bishops StortfordH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyCooper Cup
Thurs17Hertford CastleH2 Triples14:30GreyLadies Friendly
Thurs17Bishops StortfordA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Sat19Free Weekend
Sun20Free Weekend
Weds23ThaxtedH2 Triples14:00GreyLadies Friendly
Thurs24Havers ParkH3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge
Tues29Much HadhamA3 Triples14:30GreyE & H Sen Lge


DayDateFixtureHome/AwayRink TypeTimeAttireGame Type
Sun03LionmedeH4 Mixed Triples14:30GreyFriendly (New Fix)
Weds06ClaveringA3 Mixed Triples17:00GreyFriendly
Sat09Free Weekend
Sun10Free Weekend
Mon11Bishops StortfordH2 Triples14:30GreyLadies Friendy
Weds13Much HadhamA2 Triples14:00GreyLadies Friendy
Sat16Finals DayHComp Finals10:00GreyClub Finals
Weds20EppingH2 Triples14:00GreyLadies Friendly
Sat23Last BowlHClub Match14:30GreyClub Match


MEN’S CAPTAIN – John Scraggs 01279 815036 / 07812 483178
LADIES CAPTAIN – Margaret Hill – 01279 812273 / 07378 343744
SENIORS CAPTAIN – Alan Whitehead – 01279 647709 / 07813 433037
LADIES FRIDAY LEAGUE – Shirley Greenall – 01279 815871 / 07749 785500